Zoom aventurine crystal candle.

aventurine crystal candle.


Aventurine Crystal Infused Candle by CLEANSE & CO.

- prosper & focused.

Create a space of peace, vibrational solace and intention with the properties of the Aventurine Quartz crystal, infused by only the best Vegan friendly scents, supported in a blend of natural Soy & Coconut wax. 

This blend will instantly uplift any mood. Let it transport your senses to warm summer days, accompanied by only the juiciest, sweetest mangos and creamiest of coconuts.

Available in Large and Small Size. 

Large - 400g approx. 70 hour burn time if candle care is followed.

Small - 200g approx. 35 hour burn time if candle care is followed.

As Crystals are a natural stone, they vary in size and colour making each candle unique and individual. 

Vendor: Cleanse & co

aventurine crystal candle.


Vendor- Cleanse & co