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Gell well. Protect. Strengthen. Support. 

Our Immunity box Features Mini Evil Eye Talisman necklace that will keep you safe and protected from negative energies with Clear Quartz crystal on the clasp. A powerful healing stone for any condition. 


1. IMMUNITY ELIXIR by Orchard Street. Rise in ancient protection and strength with this Immunity Elixir by ORCHARD ST. Elevated and sustained energy, crystal clear cognition, and enhanced adrenal support. This potent elixir powder unite naturopathic insight with the highest quality herbs and mushrooms from Western, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicines. Call to your side the anti-microbial power of Pau d’arco and Cat’s Claw as the ancient strength of native Gubinge joins Echinacea to drive back infection. Resistance is strengthened by the great Traditional Chinese Medicine rejuvenator of Qi, Astragalus.

2. INNER WISDOM NECKLACE by Krystle Knight features a mini Evil Eye Talisman that will keep you safe and protected from negative energies. With a fine chain and beautiful drop Clear Quartz Crystal on the clasp, to awaken your mind, body, spirit. Choose 12K Gold Plated (sterling silver) Or 925 Sterling Silver.

3. HER SOCKS in Peanut Butter by Le Bon Shoppe. The perfect height, knit rib socks in a soft, cosy, Mercerized Combed Cotton to complete your look at home or out and about.  

4. WILD ORANGE GANACHE CHOCOLATE by Loco Love. A smooth melt in your mouth vegan ganache spiked with immune enhancing Reishi, Chaga and Camu Camu. Citrus tasting and Highly antioxidant rich, camu camu boasts 60 x more vitamin C than oranges. It's also a powerful option for immune support, contributing to the functioning of a healthy immune system and providing cell protection from free radical damage. This wild Peruvian riverside fruit is a powerful protective and anti-aging offering from mother nature. Loco love chocolate is Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, soy-free, filler-free and refined sugar-free. Chocolate that is good for you. Twin Pack

Sending your gift sustainably:

ALL our gift boxes are ready-to-ship and packed to perfection in our eco - friendly claya. gift box, claya. tissue, and embossed bronze sticker. Your note will be handwritten and shipped to their home, or yours.



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