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My Heart - Gift Box for Her

Sale price$102.00

Don't go breaking her heart by not sending our "My Heart" Signature Box. This one couldn't be sweeter. Valentines, Mum, Bestie, Secret Crush... What better way to say how much you care. 

Included in your Signature White Claya "My Heart" Box:

L' Amour Choker by MATHE

  • Velvet Cord
  • Gold Plated Heart
  • Adjustable size

Mathe jewellery focuses on creating the perfect jewellery for your everyday wardrobe.

Founder and designer Mathe Fotini , takes inspiration from the everyday woman and tries to translate each seasons trends into the new collection.

The Greek summer is also a huge inspiration for me.

“I remember myself when I was kid running around Cretes’ beaches wearing a bathing suit all day long with a slice of watermelon in my hand. To me that is the definition of happiness and that is the feeling I am trying to pass along when you buy a piece of jewellery from us.

I started making jewellery at a young age and at some point  I started selling my products directly through Instagram. The sudden success was like a dream come true. I finally left my everyday job to start my own business.

All of our products are made by hand and made to order here in Greece by me and my sister . You will never receive an item that has not passed through our hands!

What I love most about jewellery is how they can transform a whole outfit without even trying.

Love Spell Potion Floss by Fluffe: 

This magical Fluffe will instantly transfigure any ordinary beverage into a lustful, pink potion. Use it to effortlessly enchant guests at your next party, or surprise a special someone over dinner. Works well with: Champagne, Clear Soda (like Sprite) or Sparkling Water.


1 Place Potion Floss into your glass.

2 Gently pour over your favourite bubbling beverage.

3 Watch your drink transfigure & savour the magic!


Champagne, Soft Drinks, Sparkling Water or Rosé.

Love Spell Potion Floss: Magical fairy floss that transfigures ordinary beverages into lustful pink potions. A boxed set of Love Spell Potion Floss; containing 2x individually-wrapped servings. Designed to be used exclusively in drinks, and not eaten alone. 

Moët and Chandon Rosé Imperial 200ml is a signature Champagne resplendent with a bright fruitiness, toasty aromas and a seductive palate with subtle fruit and lingering spice flavours.

Sweet Darling Candy Pink Musk: Lacy Love Heart: comes in a gorgeous dusty pink colour perfect for a sweet touch 

Vegan. Gluten Free.

Measures: 7.5cm x 6.5cm (excluding paper stick)

Love Claya x

My Heart - Gift Box for Her by Claya
My Heart - Gift Box for Her Sale price$102.00

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