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night in for him

A night in is the new going out!!! Gather the troops for some FaceTime trivia, pour a drink and get your game face ON!

Box includes

1. ESPRESSO MARTINI  The Cocktail Mixer you've been waiting for! This new mixer by Mr Consistent is smooth and velvety, you'll be coming back for more. Just add vodka for the perfect Espresso Martini at-home. It's on!

2. COCKTAIL COFFEE BEANS by Mr Consistent, Gold dusted coffee beans are the perfect garnish on top of your Mr. Consistent Espresso Martini cocktail mix. 100% edible, and will help you really feel those boujie bar vibes.

3. GAME FACE MOISTURISER by Triumph & Disaster is a tool to serve and protect you against the elements. Engineered to hydrate and rejuvenate skin, it is specifically designed for men, to be light, non-oily, non-greasy and easily absorbed. Gameface is a unique formulation of Jojoba extract, Horopito oil, Ponga fern (Cumingii) and Vitamin E, combined with a subtle infusion of essential oils to deliver a fragrance we call 'smoke and wood'. The result is a nutrient rich, hydrating cream that will leave skin feeling toned, supple and fresh. 
** pictured here with 90ml tube but now comes with new 100ml round jar. 

4. JAGGR LIP BALM for men by Triumph & Disaster, is for pouting, strutting, smack-talking lips. Packaged in metal black tin, with SPF protection, Kawakawa and Manuka to soothe, Jaggr delivers lips on the improve. Apply a small amount directly to lip region. Reapply throughout the day.

5. SHEARERS SOAP Cleanliness is next to godliness and all that... created by T&D based on a childhood memory of watching the Shearer's scrub off a hard days work. Made from a translucent base high in glycerin, 

is safe for the environment, gentle on skin and strong on the nose. Enhanced with Poppy Seeds, use daily for a superb all over body exfoliation. 

Sending your gift sustainably:

ALL our gift boxes are ready-to-ship and packed to perfection in our eco - friendly claya. gift box, claya. tissue, and embossed white sticker. Your note will be handwritten and shipped to their home, or yours. 

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