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playing cards

In celebration of the good times, simple joyful moments that become everlasting memories.

Exploring spirited play through elevated home essentials.

A deck of cards is a time-honoured pillar in any household - a facilitator of connection, enjoyment and memories. Cards by Le Pair is designed to honour these simple moments of joy, shared amongst old friends and new. 

Never has there been such a wholesome activity that unites regardless of generation, gender and background, bringing together young and old, new and familiar faces. Cards by Le Pair seeks to enhance these moments of togetherness in a time when connection has never been more important.

Each Deck features a standard set of 54 playing cards, including the four suites and two jokers. Our Cards are made with a luxury finish designed to bring joy for many years to come.

Available in 4 colour ways ~ Moss, Milk, Bloom, Clay. 

The collection focuses on providing aesthetically beautiful wares that form a thoughtful addition to gatherings at home and away. A nod to tradition with a modern consideration, our Cards are intentionally designed to act as a functional art piece, allowing them to effortlessly find themselves at home amongst a refined, pared back aesthetic.


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