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Scorpio Rising Trucker Cap - Strapback For Him

Sale price$82.00

Driven by a headwear market that seemed limited and stale at the time, The Ampal Creative launched it's first full collection in 2007. Over the last 12 years we have developed a diverse following and become known for quality and attention to detail.

Since 2010, all Ampal hats, socks, beanies patches- everything - has been exclusively Made in USA. We search local jobbers and manufactures for premium textiles and unique prints. Often, we find a single roll of deadstock material and make as many hats as we can from it. Being 100% hands on in all stages of development, for each hat, allows us to ensure the highest level of quality

I've always like the imagery of a scorpion, that tough ornery sonuvabitch of the Southwest. On a vision quest for the Ramblin' Rose, the swingarm chopper I recently built, I knew it would have a Scorpion on the tank. When I decided to embrace the red color and found the rose primary and clutch cover, the scorpion rose design was born. After staring at the gas tank for hours on end, I knew we had to put it on a hat and reached out to our friend CHZ in Italy, who drew it up in his style.

Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA

Add to your fav guys gift box or buy individually. Either way he is going to buy you dinner. 

Scorpio Rising Trucker Cap - Strapback For Him by The Ampal Creative
Scorpio Rising Trucker Cap - Strapback For Him Sale price$82.00