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Stunner - Gift Box for Her

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That's right, she is a STUNNER! Your bestie, your mum, your colleague, your neighbour, the list is long. The Stunner box might be for yourself! (go ahead, gift yourself girl, you deserve it! ) Packed with beauty and "it girl" essentials, we have the bases covered.

Included in your Signature White Claya "STUNNER" box: 

The Fredskin Ice Facial Tool: uniquely designed to contour and sculpt your face, de-puff eye bags and add radiance to the skin.

Fredskin Reusable Eye Mask Helping you get more out of your products, Fredskin Eye Mask holds gels, serums, and creams close to the skin for maximum absorption of products.These masks encourage products to fully sink in, leaving skin hydrated and refreshed.After use simply rinse, pat dry and store in your aluminum case. How To

  1. Apply a layer of your serum or cream under the eye area and wait for around 10-20 seconds
  2. Apply Fredskin Eye Mask to the under eye area
  3. Leave on for 10-20 minutes
  4. Remove the mask and gently massage excess serum into the skin
  5. Place the mask into reusable tin for the next use, and refrigerate if desired
100% Silicone Eye Mask
Aluminum Case

Once frozen, glide on clean skin in the morning for an instant wake-me-up, or use with serums to accelerate absorption.

Le Bon Shoppe HER socks:  in Porcelain, black, peanut butter or coffee  Make room in your sock draw and jump on the ‘Socks and Sandals’ train. 

Normally associated with dorky dads and tourists, the socks and sandals look has gained a new appreciation. Business casual, your favourite dress, or wide leg pants.... pair our HER socks with your sandals, boots and even your heels! Yep, the ‘cool’ thing right now and we are here for it!

HER. socks by Le Bon Shoppe. The perfect height, knit rib socks in a soft Mercerized Combed Cotton to complete your look at home or out and about. 

 MODUS VIVENDI by SSAINT 10ML- Mad, bad, and dangerous to know, you are the rich scent of wild, seductive nature: cardamon, cedarwood, sandalwood, leather and musk.

White Chocolate Raspberry Beauty Bite A bite with big beauty benefits.

Beauty Bites® are a fully functional, game changing collagen snack bar designed to make your daily dose of collagen, vitamins and gut health supplements convenient and delicious.

Each Beauty Bites® contains 5 hero anti-ageing and gut health ingredients:
- 3,800mg of pure Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides I & III from grass-fed, pasture raised bovine to support glowing skin, stronger hair and nails
- 8g of added prebiotic fibre per serve to nourish good bacteria and encourage a glow from within
- 1 Billion CFUs of Bacillus coagulans for effective relief of stomach distress
- Vitamin E and C to enhance skin hydration, elasticity and protection

Providing targeted nutritional and cosmetic benefits in one tasty bite-size snack - glowing skin, healthy hair, stronger nails and improved gut health has never been more attainable.

Iris, Cardamom, Leather
Fir Needle, Violet Leaf, Papyrus
Amber, Virginia Cedarwood, Cashmere Musk, Sandalwood


Love Claya x


Stunner - Gift Box for Her by Claya
Stunner - Gift Box for Her Sale price$150.00

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