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beauty babe

Beauty Babe; Expressing beauty from the inside out. 
Featuring the Gua Sha - being labelled the 'natural face lift'. Handcrafted from Tiger’s Eye gemstone, the Gua Sha tool sculpts and lifts the face and revitalises the skin. reduces puffiness, dark circles, inflammation, reducing muscle tension in the face which cause fine lines and wrinkles. 

The self-care journey they deserve.

Box contains

1. GUA SHA Handcrafted from Tiger’s Eye gemstone, the Gua Sha tool by Base Camp Beauty, not only sculpts and lifts the face, but can also revitalise the skin to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and inflammation, while increasing the absorption of skincare products. Tiger's Eye; a vibrant luminous gemstone featuring warm, golden tones and a smooth, silky lustre, will improve circulation, assist in lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling while helping to reduce muscle tension in the face which can cause lines and wrinkles.

2. NURTURE ELIXIR by Theseeke. A Nourishing Face Oil is made up of plant derived oils which are great for your face. The combination of Jojoba, Camellia & Argan oil are great to help the skin retain moisture and encourage skin cell growth. The essential oils Rose, Geranium & Jojoba help control breakouts by balancing the production of sebum. 

3. MIDI CLAW by Machette. The 90's claw clip is back and better than ever.
This Blonde Tortoise claw by Machete, is equal parts retro + trendy and ideal for creating a super-quick up do. Made from the highest quality eco friendly acetate, this Elegant, reinforced, double-walled design is hand-screwed and made to last a lifetime. Measures: 1.75" x 3.5" inches

4. ALMOND CARAMEL CRUNCH Twin pack by Loco Love. Chewy almond butter caramel blended with crunchy tamari toasted almond pieces for that umami experience. Spiked with adaptogenic ashwagandha to enhance equilibrium within the body, mind and spirit, promotes youth and longevity. This herb used to treat adrenal fatigue, general fatigue and nervous exhaustion. Withania is a favourite go to herb as a prime adaptogenic tonic and helps to rejuvenate. Topped with brilliant blue corn flowers, touching all the senses with this delicious delight. 

Sending your gift sustainably:

ALL our gift boxes are ready-to-ship and packed to perfection in our eco - friendly claya. gift box, claya. tissue, and embossed bronze sticker. Your note will be handwritten and shipped to their home, or yours.


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