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Citrus Valley Scented Palette Wax Melt

Sale price$6.95

Pink Grapefruit • Citron • Lemongrass•Blue Spruce • Cedar


Rich, fragrant and zesty - a valley of aromatic citrus.

The place

The Murray River. You’ve finished a day of rowing across the lake. The murky water intersects with red rocks on the shore. Birds flutter as your paddle glides through the river. You imagine a school of fish surrounding the ore as you lean forward and back. You stop to savour the moment.

Then a gust of zesty wind.

The feeling

Autumn is in the air. Blending notes of a riverbank. Light lemongrass meets cedar as the water meets the shore. Citron, the aromatic heart, is surrounded by clementinecassis and fir needles. Offset by pink grapefruit, yuzu and blue spruce.

Scented palettes are designed for wax melter and also perfect for fragrancing a wardrobe or drawer. 

Hand Made in Sydney.

Citrus Valley Scented Palette by Black Blaze
Citrus Valley Scented Palette Wax Melt Sale price$6.95