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incredible woman

To all the incredible women in your life. A combination of our best selling relaxation and renewal items packaged together for this years Mother’s Day box. 

Box includes

1. YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLE WOMAN Greeting Card by Clare Bernadette. Born from an affinity with timeless art, and treading lightly on earth with craftsmanship of letterpress. These cards are hand made and printed, the old-fashioned way. Leave a note at checkout and we will hand write it into the card for you, for the perfect personal touch. 

2. SELF LOVE RITUAL SOAK by Cleanse & co. Rose quartz, Himalayan salt bath soak for ultimate relaxation. Enjoy mind, body and soul benefits. “As I take time away from the busy world to still my mind and body, I remind myself I am worthy of all the love and kindness I truly deserve.” 70g 

3. 24k GOLD & COLLAGEN CRYSTAL EYE MASK by James Cosmetics
The best all rounder eye mask. The luxurious combination of 24k Gold, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Grape Seed Oil will leave her glowing. 24k Gold will work to create a youthful glow, and will assist in smoothing out wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid will assist in reducing wrinkles, and help to plump dull, dehydrated skin. Grape Seed Extract is highly nourishing and contains potent antioxidants which will help to reduce environmental damage on the skin. Collagen is the essential protein in reducing the appearance of ageing. Pk of 5 sets.

4. CLOUD SOCKS by Lebon Shoppe. These Super soft and cozy Terry socks for her everyday lounging and relaxation. 

5. THE NUTTY ONE'S CHOCOLATE BOX by Loco Love. A delectable selection of Loco Love's nuttiest flavours. 4 x 40g bars (larger than normal) Vegan, organic, gluten and refined sugar free chocolate bars, infused with superfoods and tonic herbs. 
Hazelnut Praline - Infused with Maca a superior energy tonic known to be anti-ageing, blood tonifying and fertility enhancing.
Almond Caramel Crunch - Spiked with adaptogenic ashwagandha to enhance equilibrium within the body, mind and spirit.
Peanut Butter Caramel - With Tremella, a youth-preserving tonic. This hydrating, beautifying herb is packed-full of potent antioxidants that create a radiant complexion and bring lubrication to our deep tissue and vital organs.
Butter Caramel Pecan - The best refined sugar free and vegan butterscotch caramel you have ever tasted. Sprinkled with in house made cinnamon and maple roasted Eltham pecans.

Sending your gift sustainably:

ALL our gift boxes are ready-to-ship and packed to perfection in our eco - friendly claya. gift box, claya. tissue, and embossed sticker. Your note will be handwritten and shipped to their home, or yours.


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