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Magic Magnesium Spray - Restful

Sale price$35.00

Trouble winding down? Fitful sleeping? You might be low in magnesium and need a boost! Magnesium is lost from our bodies through exercise, drinking caffeine, and stress, which can make us jumpy and restless. Magnesium can be replaced directly with our magic magnesium spray - restful with magnesium and a soothing lavender essential oil blend to help the body fall into a deep and restful sleep.

Ingredients: demineralized water, magnesium chloride, essential oils of lavender, lime, mandarin, marjoram, and myrrh. Directions: shake and spray onto neck, and for super absorption, spray directly onto stomach and soles of feet, rub into skin or leave to absorb.

Safety: ensure spray is not used near face/eyes as it contains essential oils. Flush eyes if eye contact does occur. Sometimes magnesium can tingle and sting upon skin application, which is normal and indicates low cellular magnesium levels.

Magic Magnesium Spray - Restful by bon lux
Magic Magnesium Spray - Restful Sale price$35.00