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Monet / Rothko Hardcover Book

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This comparison of the works of Monet and Rothko provides exhilarating new insight on these pioneers of abstraction and masters of color. Recent research on late impressionism has highlighted the surprising correspondences between the work of impressionist paragon Claude Monet and that of abstract painters such as Mark Rothko. This book offers an unprecedented dialogue between the paintings of Monet and Rothko, two artists who explored the frontiers of abstraction. It explores the uncanny similarities between their works, painted almost half a century apart, as well as the significance of the differences between the master artists’ styles. Monet conveyed the immediacy of his impressions of nature, while Rothko plunged the viewer into the depths of colours that he superimposed and interwove.


Monet / Rothko by Claya
Monet / Rothko Hardcover Book Sale price$72.00