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Single Malt Mens Candle

Sale price$59.95

Man candles. Yes, they’re a thing. Prepare yourselves, it's about to get aromatic in here. Herbaceous, smokey and sweet

Whisky and Caramel

Pull up a barstool my friend! Meet Single Malt - the candle that'll make your living room smell like your favourite watering hole, minus the morning-after headache.

Smells Like: Whisky. Caramel. Vanilla

Made Clean

Burns clean. Not that you care, but we do. Flame on, Gents. Soy Wax and Phthalate Free.

45 hour burn time

Brace yourself for 45 hours of ambience. Now that's endurance!

Proudly 100% Aussie Made.

Single Malt by SOLID STATE
Single Malt Mens Candle Sale price$59.95