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GF - Gift Box For Her

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GF or "Girlfriend" Is a Claya Mini for your Bestie. Cute.


THE BODY CANDLE  by LA VIE AND BELLE . A love letter in wax. Crafted with pure soy wax, this candle fills the home with scent whether lit or still. Crafted mindfully just for you. The Body has been poured by hand, meaning no two are the same. Designed as an object for the home, please burn with care. Place The Body on a dish to catch her wax before lighting.

CHILLHOUSE CHILLTIPS REUSABLE NAIL KIT IN YOUR CHOICE OF 6 STYLES : Gentle, reusable press-on nails. Quick easy application and removal. A modern press-on nail from the authority in modern self-care. Chill Tips are salon-quality nail art that you can do in your Chillhome, with no mess, no wait time, and no smudges so you have more me-time.

The kit includes: 24 nails to find your perfect fit Dual-sided buffer and file Cuticle stick Non-toxic glue You’re a city gal but you really need *~a break~*. We hear you, sister. First step, apply these tips. Next, book that swanky Airbnb you’ve had saved for years. You know, the one with the black fireplace. Don’t forget to bring your homies to Phoenicia Diner – and please remind them you’ll be sending that Venmo request on Monday. We’re already jealous of your weekend.

Made with high-quality materials that are comfortable and fully customisable to your nail, using included tools, yet feel no heavier on nails than a classic gel mani. Attached with non-toxic and non-damaging glue.

Bean Vanilla Lip Balm by BALM BALM CO. - She's creamy, nourishing, long lasting with a gloss finish, and with a subtle hint of Vanilla you'll be fighting back the urge to lick your lips ;) 

Made with a mix of nourishing oils and butters, including Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba, Shea and Cocoa Butter and a little Vitamin E, your lips will be left feeling smooth, hydrated, nourished and lush. 

Sweet Almond Oil*, Beeswax*, Shea Nut Butter*, Sunflower Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Cocoa Butter*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Vitamin E*, Natural Vanilla Flavour

FOREST FLOOR Solid Fragrance by Odesse: Pear, Melon, Jasmine, Lily  She’s floral, but she’s no wallflower. Meet Forest Floor. First, she’ll butter you up with fresh and floral notes: zest of Pear and Melon and petals of Jasmine and Lily. Then you’ll meet her seductive side, smooth and lingering. Made up of Magnolia, Tuberose, Cedar and Plum, this is the side you’ll want to watch out for.  Head Notes: Pear, Melon, Jasmine, Lily Heart Notes: Magnolia, Peach, Tuberose Base Notes: Cedar, Blackberry, Plum 4ml / 0.13oz 

Sending your gift sustainably:

ALL our gift boxes are ready-to-ship and packed to perfection in our eco - friendly claya. gift box, signature claya. tissue, and embossed sticker. Your note will be handwritten and shipped to their home, or yours.


GF - Gift Box For Her by Claya
GF - Gift Box For Her Sale price$105.00

Customer Reviews

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OMG, my box has been delivered and I have never seen a box full of the most exquisite products ever… Seriously next level. I will be telling everyone I know


Thanks so much for the effort you put into my gift box, it makes it so special to receive and I know exactly where to come for the next birthday that pops up! It's so handy to come to the one place, have so many options and know that the presentation will be stunning