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wxy. Incense Cone Box Set

Sale price$52.00


Designed in the wxy. studio this beautiful, heavy, branded box contains 20 traditionally made incense cones and a small brass burning plate. The concrete box is super smooth to the touch and is highly re useable as a home accessory.

OUDH - A fragrance made from agarwood, an ancient and well loved scent. Opens with an intense oriental note and lingers to reveal a soft, complex perfume

WHITE SAGE - Each cone is packed with the natural fragrance that is made from the leaves and branches of the white sage plant. It is often considered to be calming and healing. 

ROSES - Rose Petal scent thought to help balance moods by making you feel calm, uplifted or emotionally balanced

SANTAL - Rich, Indian sandalwood fragrance, imparts a classic and well rounded scent 

Directions: Place cone in the brass plate provided. Light the tip of the cone using a match or a lighter then blow out the flame after about 10-15 seconds. The cone will then burn for around 15 minutes.

wxy. Incense cone box by wxy.
wxy. Incense Cone Box Set Sale price$52.00