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Magic Magnesium Spray - Muscle

Sale price$35.00

Jumpy, crampy legs at night? Limbs keeping you up with the wriggles after a workout? You might be low in magnesium and need a boost! Magnesium is lost from our bodies through exercise, drinking caffeine, and stress, which can make us jumpy and restless. Magnesium can be replaced directly with magnesium spray - muscle with magnesium and soothing rosemary, cedar, and lavender essential oil blend to help the muscles settle, and for rest and recovery. A blend of magnesium + essential oils to ease aches and cramps. Anti-inflammatory rosemary, and magnesium oil aid in replacing lost minerals after sweating and exercise. Ingredients: demineralized water, magnesium chloride, essential oils of cedarwood, rosemary, lavender

Directions: shake and spray onto sore muscles directly, for super absorption, spray directly onto stomach and rub into skin or leave to absorb.

Safety: dont use near face/eyes as it contains essential oils.

Magic Magnesium Spray - Muscle by bon lux
Magic Magnesium Spray - Muscle Sale price$35.00